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Top Tips for Infant Oral Hygiene

Many people can be surprised to find out that little toothless infants have oral hygiene needs. When they begin getting their first few teeth and even well before that, infants need their parents' help to ensure that all of their teeth grow in strong and healthy.

Here are some top tips from the pediatric dentists at Red Deer's Appleway Dental Clinics about infant oral health and how to give your baby their best shot at a lifetime of strong teeth and happy smiles:

- Oral hygiene begins before teeth come in

Every dental clinic in Red Deer will advise you that you should be cleaning your child's gums before their first teeth begin to poke through. After every feeding it is recommended that you use either a wet piece of gauze or a soft, wet washcloth to gently clean away any residue which oral bacteria may be able to feed on.

- Sooth teething discomfort the right away

Between 3 and 9 months your teething baby will be driven to sooth their gums by chewing on anything they can find. You can offer them teething rings and teething toys made for this purpose, but stay away from teething biscuits.

- Don't send your infant to bed with a bottle

Sending your infant to bed with a bottle containing formula, milk, of fruit juice can greatly increase their chances of early childhood tooth decay. If they use the bottle mostly to self-sooth, then consider filling it with water instead.

- Brushing and flossing can begin early

You can start brushing and flossing your baby's teeth almost as soon as they have started growing in. When the teeth are not yet large enough you can simply continue cleaning them as you did your baby's gums, but when they have fully come in you can begin using a toothbrush.

You should brush your infant's teeth twice a day, using a soft-bristled toothbrush and a toothpaste amount no larger than a grain of rice. Gentle flossing should start as soon as two adjacent teeth emerge.

- Don't skip your infant's first dental checkup

Just as oral hygiene needs to start early, so do your baby's visits to a pediatric dentist in Red Deer. A good rule of thumb for when to take your infant to their first dental checkup is either within 6 months of the appearance of their first tooth, or by their first birthday.

The health of your infant's baby teeth is important not only because they will need those teeth for the first few years of life, but also because they will have an effect on how your child eats, speaks, and on how healthy their adult teeth are.

Appleway Dental is happy to offer pediatric and children dentistry in Red Deer. Our family dentists can provide preventative and restorative treatments for both parents and children.

If it's time for your infant to visit a Red Deer dental clinic for the first time, and if you're due for a cleaning as well, then contact Appleway Dental Clinics today.

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