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Is Oral Dental Sedation Right for You? Visit Our Red Deer Dental Clinic

Relax during Our Dental Procedures
You can relax while you get your dental work done at Appleway Dental Clinics in Red Deer and surrounding areas thanks to oral sedation. Oral sedation is similar to IV sedation in that it’s used to help put a patient more at ease during various dental procedures. The primary difference between IV sedation and oral sedation is that the patient is sedated using an oral medication instead of medication that’s administered through an IV. While it’s considered a deeper form of sedation than nitrous oxide (laughing gas), it’s considered less than IV sedation.

What to Know about Sedation Dentistry
Sedation dentistry allows the patient to remain conscious in case the dentist has questions that need to be answered during the procedure, but the patient usually comes out of the procedure with little to no memory. This is especially helpful for treating patients who are overly anxious about visiting the dentist or those who may be uncomfortable sitting still for long periods of time if they’re having extensive dental work done.

Pros of Oral Sedation
Here are some of the pros of oral sedation for you to consider:
  • It’s easy to administer (all you have to do is swallow a pill)
  • No needles are required
  • Safe to administer (oral sedatives are strictly regulated and only dentists qualified to provide sedation dentistry will administer this type of medication)
  • You’re still responsive, but you’ll have little to no memory of the procedure

Cons of Oral Sedation
Here are some of the cons associated with oral sedation for you to consider:
  • Not immediately effective (this form of sedation takes a little longer to kick in than IV sedation)
  • Sedation levels are harder to adjust (it takes time to increase the dosage if it was ineffective)
  • Can’t drive to your appointment (you will usually be asked to take the pill an hour or so in advance of your appointment so it has time to kick in)

Dental Sedation Questions Answered
Appleway Dental Clinics offers dental sedation in the Red Deer area. Oral sedation may not be appropriate for every procedure. Should you ever have any questions or concerns about this type of sedation or about any of our dental procedures in general, we encourage you to contact one of our offices for more information.
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