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Oral Cancer Screenings in Red Deer

While many patients are familiar with cancer, most overlook and do not fully understand the signs, symptoms, and effects of oral cancer.

Oral cancer is one of the most common varieties of cancer in Canada. In fact, it ranks at number 13. It is becoming more and more devastating, surpassing cervical cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, brain cancer, and ovarian cancers. With the five year survival rate for oral cancer at approximately 63%, it is extremely important that patients get an early and accurate diagnosis.

Oral cancer screening is just one more reason why patients should visit their doctor regularly. Lesions in the mouth that are detected and diagnosed early can result in a higher chance for survival, and any unusual abnormalities should be examined.

At Appleway Dental Clinics, we take the time to carefully screen our patients for oral cancer. We examine the mouth, throat, tongue, and neck, and will address any unusual lesions or concerns immediately with biopsies or testing. When necessary, we will refer our patients to the appropriate cancer specialist for further diagnosis or treatment.

The examination requires an extraoral, perioral, and intraoral examination. The extraoral examination requires that the dentist examine the patient’s face, neck, and head. Any asymmetry, skin growths, or enlarged lymph nodes are checked thoroughly. Then the dentist will examine the outside areas of the mouth, including the lips, cheeks, and the inside of the lips, called the labial mucosa. After this, the examination is done inside of the mouth, checking the tongue (sides, top, and underneath), the floor of the mouth, and the palate. This thorough exam can be done regularly to catch any concerns as early as possible and improve patient diagnosis.

Physical and visual examination of any unusual sores or lesions may be biopsied. Other times, some samples of skin cells in the mouth may be taken to determine if they are abnormal. The dentists of Appleway Dental Clinics can help patients by providing regular oral cancer screenings at their practice. By undergoing a thorough cancer screening, patients can enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile and body!
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