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Dental Implants in Red Deer

Dental implants are a cosmetic treatment that is used to replace lost natural teeth. They provide a permanent, fixed alternative to complete or partial dentures and have the strength and stability of a natural tooth. This makes them one of the most desired solutions for tooth loss.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium. The dentist surgically places these into the jawbone to allow osseointegration to occur. This is the process in which bone growth is stimulated and bonds to the implant to hold it in place. Dental crowns are placed over the implants to restore the smile and functionality. These restorations are strong, stable, and extremely durable, lasting many years for patients.

There are several reasons a patient may consider dental implants, including:

  • Replacing missing natural teeth with a stand-alone restoration
  • Maintaining tooth placement in the mouth after tooth loss
  • Restoring beauty to a patient's smile
  • Restoring the functionality of the teeth (chewing, biting, speaking efficiency)
  • Supporting dental bridges or full dentures

The process of receiving dental implants requires several visits to the dentist. The dentist takes impressions and x-rays to ensure that there is enough bone and gum tissue to support the implant. This also gives the opportunity to determine the best location for the implant. During the first appointment, the patient is numbed with local anaesthetic and may also be sedated if this has been discussed beforehand. The implant is placed and monitored as osseointegration occurs over several months. An abutment is placed during a following appointment, which connects the dental crown to the implant, and an artificial tooth is placed during an appointment near the end of the treatment. Several fittings may be required during the healing process to ensure the tooth is up to the dentist's high standards. A patient also receives instructions on aftercare and oral hygiene tips for the care of the new dental implant.

While there are alternatives to dental implants, they are still the "gold standard" in general and cosmetic dentistry. If you are considering dental implants, contact Appleway Dental Clinics today to schedule a consultation appointment.

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