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Emergency Dentists in Red Deer

Trauma to the teeth and mouth can happen unexpectedly and result in the need for emergency dental assistance. Patients should call their dentist as soon as they experience a problem, which can include a knocked out tooth, a cracked tooth, a cut in the mouth, or any other dental injury.

When a patient has a tooth that is knocked out, they should contact their dentist right away to schedule an emergency appointment. The tooth should be handled by the crown, rinsed in water, and then returned to the socket, if possible, until the appointment. The tooth may also be wrapped with gauze and submerged in milk to keep it moist.

If a tooth has been pushed out of alignment, the patient should first attempt to gently push it back. If this does not work, the patient should lightly bite down on the tooth until they can get to the dentist.

Fractured teeth should be rinsed with warm water immediately after breakage. The patient is encouraged to take ibuprofen for pain, and use an ice pack to assist with the reduction of any swelling that might occur. Patients should get to their dentist as soon as possible for the appropriate treatment.
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