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Improve Your Smile with Dental Bonding & Composite Fillings in Red Deer

Dental Bonding
Dental bonding uses composite materials to improve the appearance of a tooth. This composite material is similar to a paste that is made from fillers and resins. Dental bonding is used for:

  • Reshaping tooth contours
  • Closing gaps and spaces between teeth
  • Repairing teeth that are cracked, chipped or broken
  • Disguising stained and discolored teeth
  • Replacing silver amalgam fillings
  • Filling cavities

The process of a dental bonding session is painless and easy. First, the dentist chooses the proper color of bonding, matching the shade and appearance of the natural tooth. Next, the tooth is prepared for bonding, which typically requires the removal of some of the tooth enamel for proper adhesion. Then, the composite material is applied to the tooth and shaped appropriately. A light is used to harden the bonding material, which is then shaped, smoothed, and polished for a beautiful appearance. All of this is completed within one appointment.

Dental bonding is used to improve a patient's smile, but is not as strong as natural tooth enamel. It is susceptible to breakage and staining, so it should be examined by the dentist regularly during recall appointments. Dental bonding lasts approximately five years with proper care.

Composite Fillings
Patients who experience tooth decay may require composite fillings. Fillings are used when a patient has cavities that need to be filled and sealed to avoid tooth loss or the bacteria spreading to other teeth in the mouth. The team at Appleway Dental Clinics is happy to offer tooth-colored composite fillings which blend in beautifully with a patient’s natural teeth. They are well-suited for visible areas of the tooth to keep them aesthetically pleasing.

Composite fillings are placed quickly and easily during one appointment at the dental office. The patient is sedated if necessary, and the area is locally numbed. The decay is removed from the tooth, the area is cleaned thoroughly, and the composite filling is placed to restore the tooth’s function and appearance.

Patients can expect to receive dental care instructions after their appointment, and may notice that they have sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks before the tooth adapts to the filling. This is normal and will subside over time.

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