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Cosmetic Dentistry: What it is and When It May Be Right for You

An important part of modern dentistry at Red Deer dental clinics, cosmetic dentistry consists of treatments and procedures aimed at improving the look of the teeth, gums, and, ultimately, the overall smile. Not only have cosmetic dentistry procedures been growing in popularity over the last several years, but they have also become more affordable and accessible.

The Red Deer dentists at Appleway Dental Clinics provide a comprehensive array of cosmetic dentistry treatments. One or more of the treatments we offer, outlined below, may be a good option for you if you have dental issues such as discolored teeth, misaligned teeth, chipped and cracked teeth, or missing teeth.

While whitening teeth with over-the-counter products usually yields disappointing results, professional teeth whitening at a Red Deer dentist is easy and effective. At Appleway Dental Clinics we provide at-home whitening kits which our patients can use to brighten their smile in the comfort of their own home, and in-office treatments which can produce noticeable results in just one hour.

- Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a seamless and effective method for improving the look of teeth that are chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged. It involves the use of a bonding agent which is applied to the damaged tooth, molded, and polished to give the appearance of a completely natural tooth.

Porcelain veneers, because they are thin, white shells placed directly on the teeth, can be used to correct issues of discoloration and damage at the same time. Not only do the shells enhance tooth look and shape, but they can be used to fix cavities as well.

Like veneers, dental crowns have benefits which are both cosmetic and oral health-related. A crown is essentially an enamel-colored cap which is often placed over a tooth that is decayed or broken. This fixes the tooth and restores its appearance as well.

A dental bridge is a good option for replacing a missing or decayed tooth. A bridge keeps an artificial tooth in place by attaching it to two abatement teeth, giving the wearer a fully restored smile and preventing the remaining natural teeth from shifting out of place.

Like a bridge, a dental implant replaces a lost or damaged tooth with an artificial tooth. This artificial tooth, however, is attached to a titanium root which is implanted into the gums and attached to the jawbone.

Dental Clinics in Red Deer Providing Cosmetic Dentistry Services
At Appleway Dental Clinics, we understand what a big role smiles can play in self-esteem. Our Red Deer dentists are committed to providing all of our patients with the right treatments for their oral health and cosmetic needs. Our dental clinics are leading the way in comprehensive family and children's dentistry in Red Deer.

If you have any more questions about cosmetic dentistry, or if you'd like to book an appointment today, you can easily get in touch with Appleway Dental Clinics by phone or e-mail.

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